Collin County, Texas

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The First Collin County Appraisal District Reference and Guide to Lower Taxes

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The Collin County property tax rates are set by the governing body of each local Collin County taxing unit. This is not a function of the Collin County appraisal district. The governing body (school board, county commissioner or city council) of each taxing unit sets their property tax rate. The Tax Assessor - Collector for each entity is responsible for calculating, billing and collecting taxes. Collin County tax rates are set in August and September.

A notice of public hearing is published before any hearing to decide changes in the property tax rates. Collin County property owners must attend this meeting to voice their opinion. There is a very small chance to influence the decision makers. Usually, enough preliminary ground work has been laid that the outcome is predetermined. Most of the time the best chance for a Collin County property owner to lower their property tax payment is to investigate the possibility of protesting the Collin County appraisal district's appraised value. Another way is to file for any Collin County appraisal district exemptions you are entitled.

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