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The First Collin County Appraisal District Reference and Guide to Lower Taxes

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Terms used by the Collin County appraisal district can be found in the Collin County Definitions section of this website.


The Collin County appraisal district is governed by a board of directors appointed by the taxing units participating in the Collin County appraisal district. The board has five voting members, however if the Collin County Tax Assessor Collector is not appointed by the taxing unit as a voting member of the board, he or she automatically serves as a non-voting board member.

The board of directors appoints a chief appraiser to function in the capacity of chief administrator of the Collin County appraisal district. The chief appraiser, as provided by the annual budget adopted by the board of directors, may employ professional, clerical and other personnel.

The Collin County board of directors appoints the members of the appraisal review board. Appraisal Review Board members serve two-year terms and are permitted to serve a maximum of three terms. The Collin County appraisal review board's primary function is to hear protests filed by a property owner or the owner's agent, regarding the Collin County appraisal district's appraisal of the subject property. The appraisal review board also hears protests concerning other issues such as exemptions and agricultural valuations.

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